Your grandmother ever tell you
“Curiosity killed the cat?”
We have some disturbing news:
Your Grandma Lied
Even if she didn’t, we’re not cats.
(Either way, sorry you had to find out like this.)

Your Grandma Lied is a curious design studio bringing things to life. We're a creative group of friends who are always trying to convince our clients that their illustrations should move, their apps should delight, their content should make you do a double-take, and their corporate events should also be a party. The people who hire us have class, taste, and good looks—so fire your personal trainer, it's a lot more fun to work with us.

As a studio these are some examples of the stuff we're great at:

  • designing your restaurant, from the menus and the chairs and the accent plants to what dope neon sign you're using outside as your logo
  • getting a mural up on that blank wall in your office you've been dying to do something cool with for ages
  • getting your conference designed, from logo to signage to website to conference app to swag
  • designing festivals and retreats and workshops and parties and offsites apps and websites that educate and inspire

and your project, probably. We love throwing ourselves into everything we do.

Your Grandma Lied logo